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Environmental Policy

Chris's Restaurant & Villas borders state forest, making conservation a priority for us. We do this in several ways...

As members of Landcare we are part of a voluntary program to plant trees on the property. These are essential for koala migrations and geotechnical stability. To date thousands of trees have been planted in accordance with the natives that are common to the area and we are continuing to plant more. These trees also lend stability to the surrounding area that is made up of largely sedimentary rock. This has been a response to numerous landslides as well as a desire to contribute to carbon capture.

Our water reticulation system saves rainwater from every roof on the property and diverts it to our reserve tanks. So while this region has one of the highest rainfalls in the country, local infrastructure struggles to meet peak season demand: so please use water in a responsible manner. Keep in mind that this water is tank water; so it might be best to drink from the bottled water provided and boil everything else.

All recyclable material waste is separated and collected for recycling. If you want to help, you can separate paper, bottles and all recyclables for housekeeping; as we don't separate material in waste containers.

We use the ‘green power' option and sewage waste is treated on site. Your power consumption is your business; however, we ask that you consider the environment during your stay with regard to heating and the LCD televisions which use a lot of power, even on standby. We don't pre heat rooms prior to arrival without your instruction for this reason.

Some of the local car parks have no waste collection, plastic bags and other rubbish make it to the sea through storm water commonly causing death to marine life in the area, especially seals.
Please dispose of your rubbish with care.

For bookings, enquiries, conferences and events please call (03) 5237 6411 or email us.

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